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"….Rin? Are you okay…?"

     ”— huh?”

     Oh, he was just spaced out for a moment there, nearly stumbling on the curb. Jeez. He sure hadn’t daydreamt this much the last time he’d strolled these streets.

     Funny, that. Nothing here really looked quite the same as then; from time to time, he shared the same wide-eyed gaze that Haruka had, as if he was, too, seeing everything for the first time.

     ”Ah, man, sorry — did you say something, Haru?”

     The boy’s got the feels. Help.







見つけた | 便座 
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I love the lighting choices here - especially Haruka’s face in the first screencap. The sybmolic shadows shadows, ugh!

They’re looking at their bright future, aren’t they?

Track Title: Start Of Something Good

Artist: Daughtry


you never know when you’re gonna meet someone
and your whole wide world in a moment comes undone

I know that it’s gonna take some time
I’ve got to admit that the thought has crossed my mind,
this might end up like it should

and I’m gonna say what I need to say
and hope to god that it don’t scare you away,
don’t wanna be misunderstood
but I’m starting to believe that this could be
the start of something good

just don’t let it end before we begin.

Rin and Haru || Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12

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 Anonymous asked: Daddy, can I have a coke too, like papa Sou?

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"It’s not sweet’s day," he announces firmly, a lone brow raising at the child once he’s done with the dishes, drying his hands and untying his apron. A scolding frown is given in the taller male’s direction as Rin hears the sizzle of the can opening.

     ”Geez….” a weary sigh passes his lips. They had a deal, didn’t they? Sweets and soda only at weekends. Right now Papa isn’t really supporting his parental authority. 


Giving the small boy’s shoulder a gentle squeeze, daddy glares towards the living room where Sousuke headed.
     ”Go ask papa, maybe he’ll give you a sip.”

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     "The most stubborn person you’d ever meet, probably,” hums Rin fondly, reaching a hand to ruffle the mess of black locks.

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 rtypus asked: Ah. Nevermind.


Rin’s brows furrow with slight worry, a soft sigh heaving his chest as he shuffles closer and takes a seat next to the taller male. Sipping from his water bottle, he lingers in silence for a hesitant moment before turning to his friend anew.

     ”Sousuke,” he lowers his tone. ”You know I…”

Couldn’t he be the one person Sousuke could talk to, freely? He had wishfully, romantically assumed they had an unshaken mutual understanding even after years apart. It hurts his childhood companion would keep things from him, albeit Rin would be the last one to scold the other for it.

     ”I’m here, if you ever wanna talk, or just — uh… anything.” He clears his throat, gaze shifting back ahead.


/ tbh, Rin would so do this to Sousuke.



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